FACELESS. Rebranding for an entirely nonexistent company.
The project was created by Enzo Grandio, June 2022.
The "no logo" movement began with the release of Naomi Klein’s No Logo in 1999, where she argues against the over-emphasis of branding. The focus on branding has gotten out of control, according to Klein, to the detriment of society and corporations themselves.
She points out some setbacks of over-branding, one being realism. For instance, Nike may persuade consumers that they are buying confidence with their "Just Do It" slogan, but at the end of the day, the customer is going to be left with a pair of sneakers.
The more exaggerated the concept is being projected, the harsher the eventual disappointment.
Graphic design is a solution to a problem, not simply an arrangement of pretty images and colors. What is the most effective way that one can showcase the work done for others? Being as neutral as possible itself, eliminating any superfluous branding of its own.
Below is my attempt to visualize Naomi Klein's No Logo in the form of Faceless, a graphic design studio.

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