We want to change the perspective of nuclear energy.
We believe that nuclear energy is the solution to the global energy crisis and deteriorating environment.
Our vision is to become the global lead supplier of decarbonization technology.
Our mission is to be the first company to commercialize an advanced nuclear reactor for the purpose of generating sustainable, reliable, clean energy that can last for hundreds of thousands of years.

This is Aalo.


Client — Aalo
Location — Austin, TX, United States
Project — Graphic Design, Branding, Creative Direction
Creative Director — Samuel T. Scofy
Designer — Enzo Grandio
Date — Jan. 2023
Aalo, or ālō, means “light” in Bengali. To us, this symbolizes a bright future for humanity, enabled by abundant and dependable clean energy. We want to enable continued human growth, flourishing, exploration, and development, without the negative ecological impact that our growth has had thus far.
When you look back on Earth at night from space, the only trace of civilization you can see is the light from our cities, forming a beautiful, organic pattern. It helps to realize how delicate our existence is, and how dependent we are on energy. While our control on energy has only spanned the past couple hundred years, we aim to bring in the technologies and practices that will unlock the next hundreds of thousands of years of life and progress.
With Aalo’s focus on environmental conservation, we wanted to develop a color palette that was not only recognizable and unique but also aligned with Aalo’s brand traits and personality, e.g. expressive, bold, speed, innovative, natural, optimistic, etc.
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